Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Moved into the new house!

Well, it's all over, almost.  We moved a little over 2 weeks ago and are mostly unpacked.  Loving our new house, we are all so very happy here (even Clyde)!  It's been raining a lot so we have only met a few more neighbors since moving in.

Annabelle was approved for Vision therapy but not until the fall.  Summer program is to prevent regression and since she hasn't started, regression can't happen.  Her last day of school is June 24th then we have 2 weeks off before the summer program begins.  She had her field day last Friday, it was a fun but muddy morning.

Last weekend was Annabelle's dance recital.  It was so much fun doing the performance with her and the other girls and moms.  Annabelle loved being on stage and at the end of the day was ready for more dancing.  She also had her last day of gymnastics and she received a gold metal for all her hard work.  Pretty soon we will need a trophy case for all her metals and trophies.

We have been working hard to get the old house ready to go on the market.  We are hoping to do pics on Wednesday and list this week.  Fingers crossed that all goes smoothly!  It will be nice to focus all our attention on the new house.

Annabelle's field day - they were the purple team

Heading out to the fields

Receiving her metal

All wet from the water wars and pouring down rain

Sitting with her friends

Getting our office set up

New kitchen

Still have a few boxes but we are getting there

Parent observation at gymnastics

Receiving her gold metal

Checking on the cupcakes for field day

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

New house!

Things have been very busy the past month.  We started looking for a house and fell in love with one within 2 weeks of starting to look.  We immediately put an offer in and we are moving May 29th!  It's still in Webster, about 7 miles from our current home.  We had just outgrown this house and it was difficult for Annabelle to get around with all the stairs.  The new house is a colonel with a 3.5 car garage, 4 bedrooms, and was built in 2008.  We are so very excited about the move!  Annabelle asks to go to the house daily, she doesn't quite understand the idea of moving but she does love the new house.

We went to a neighborhood garage sale this past Saturday and met a lot of our new neighbors.  Found out there are 25 kids under 10 just on our end of the street!  There are a few little girls 3-4 years old and there are even a few special needs kids.  Everyone was so friendly and nice, I can't wait to move and meet everyone else, it's a great little community.

Annabelle started swim lessons last Thursday, she absolutely loved it!  I'm so glad that she likes it and is learning water safety along with swimming skills.  We also had a vision eval at school, she will likely be getting vision therapy to help her stay on task and scan areas (precursor to reading).

Everything has been going great, below are some pictures of the fun we have had.  Most of our days now are school, packing, activity, dinner, packing.  I'll be happy when it's all over!

Going for a walk, loves her jogging stroller!

such a happy girl - on our way to the zoo

At the zoo with friends from school

trying out the new rock climbing wall at the zoo

that's a big polar bear!

ready for gymnastics, won't stop moving for a picture
she's a superstar!

Playing dress up, a favorite of hers

Clyde apparently needed some bling too

Our new house!!
Annabelle's room in the new house <3

New swing set they are leaving :)  She LOVED playing on it and didn't want to go in

Looking out the window in her new bedroom

First swim lesson 

So happy to be outside, love sidewalk chalk

Helping mommy vacuum

I wish the vacuum actually worked - LOL

Friday, April 3, 2015

Spring Break

We have had a wonderful spring break week!  It started with an Easter egg hunt and two birthday parties.  This week we have been hanging low.  Tuesday was the first weekday this year we didn't have anything scheduled, it was amazing to just hang out!  We have had a couple play dates and still had one therapy today (daddy even came with us which was a nice treat).

We have some sad family news.  On March 23 we had to put down our 15 year old dog, Apollo.  He was in a lot of pain and having trouble getting up and walking.  As hard as it was to come to the decision, it was even more painful to see him having so much trouble and living a life with constant pain.  Annabelle was very matter of fact with it all but still does not understand the concept of death.  Someday she will understand and see the pictures of her with him and realize the love they had for each other.

The past two days have been so beautiful, yesterday into the 70's and today in the 60's.  Unfortunately we have snow in the forecast for tomorrow.  It was a nice sneak peek of spring and reminds us we are almost there!  Both days we were out for walks, playing, and enjoying the weather.

Monday we are back to school and our crazy schedule.  I think both of us almost missed the running this week.  Although Annabelle did nap every day this week which is not the norm when we have school.  I think the 20 minute ride to and from school is enough down time that she doesn't want to nap (or she naps in the car).

Happy Easter to all, I hope the bunny is good to you!

Making cookies - shortcut style

Keira's birthday party - music and art party!

Annabelle and the birthday girl

Annabelle and Ella

Passed out after the party holding her balloon

Loves doing workbooks, getting so smart

Walk on April 2 - 72 degrees

RIP Apollo 9/9/99 - 3/23/15

Annabelle and Apollo

Saying goodbye is hard!

All ready for the Easter egg hunt

Hunting for eggs

Annabelle and Keira at the egg hunt

Coloring Easter eggs

so proud of them!

showing Clyde her baskets

Still have a little snow, 72 degrees :)

silly girl <3

fun with beads, such a little ham!

Playing on her desk next to mine