Sunday, June 26, 2011

27 Weeks

Things are going great this week, Miss Annabelle hit two pretty big milestones this week.  First on Wednesday night she rolled over twice from her back to her stomach!  She's been getting her feet up and over to her side for awhile now but she finally made it all the way over.  Then yesterday she started grabbing her feet.  Now we don't look away for a second when she's not on the floor!  She's also starting to enjoy the exersaucer and step & play piano a lot more.  She will kick her feet and move around.  We are noticing a little more arm movement, something we are working on daily.  I'm noticing that she's picking up toys more and will even pass them from one hand to another.  All these things have given us so much hope that she is going to be just fine, we just have to work a little harder to get there.

Father's Day was perfect, Brian loved the picture I made for him of Annabelle and the mug, cards, and world's greatest dad t-shirt.  After lunch we went out on the boat with Jeff & Carrie for the afternoon.  Then that night I cooked up some steak (on the cast iron skillet), potato and corn for his first Father's Day dinner. 

Annabelle and I went to the Y again this week to go swimming.  She still loves it, she liked "standing" on the steps and jumping around.  I tried putting her underwater (by blowing in her face first), she wasn't a big fan.  I got some dirty looks from a few ladies in the pool, apparently they don't know that's how you teach a baby to go under.  I just smiled and gave her kisses, she forgot about it after a couple seconds and didn't even cry. 

We had a little photo shoot this week so I have lots of pictures (what else is new).  I used flower pedals that I saved from our wedding and the black backdrop I bought last week.  Some of the other pictures are of her eating, a few in the exersaucer, and a few while playing. 


Saturday, June 18, 2011

6 months old

Today Annabelle turns 6 months old!  It's hard to believe 1/2 a year has gone by already.  It's been such a wonderful time, everyday we have been grateful to have this little joy in our lives. 

This past week we had our usual yoga on Monday and PT Tuesday then Wednesday we had a follow up eye exam for Annabelle.  The doctor said her eyes look great and she has no need for glasses at this time which was great news.  We also ventured out Wednesday on our own to the pool at the YMCA.  I forgot a bunch of things on the bed (blaming it on mom brain, it's been really bad this week) but we had our swimsuits and one towel so it wasn't a complete loss.  Annabelle did great in the water, she has learned how to kick and loves "swimming" on her tummy & back.  We also did frog jumps from the side of the pool which she loved.  I'm looking forward to keeping this up at least a couple times a week. 

Thursday we had a play date for the afternoon which was lots of fun for babies and mommies!  Friday it looked like rain so we decided to meet a friend at the mall and do a few laps to get some exercise and visit. 

Solids are going well, she loved the avocado but wasn't a huge fan of the green beans.  Thinking of trying apples or peaches next, going back and forth from fruits to veggies.  She's really enjoying the eating and gets excited now when I put her in the high chair.  The other night I even got adventurous and fed her while we were eating.  It actually worked out better than I thought it would.

I found a really cute Fisher Price step & play piano like new on Craigs List and picked it up Friday.  Annabelle absolutely loves it!  She kicks her feet and gets so excited when the music plays.  We are starting to run out of room for all of these baby toys so this ended up in the guest room for now. 

I took a ton of pictures this week.  We had a little photo shoot to make a special collage for Brian for Father's Day (which I included in the pictures).  I printed it out and put it in a frame for him to take to work.  We also made a coffee mug with a bunch of pictures of Annabelle on it from Shutterfly and a worlds greatest dad shirt.  Looking forward to giving it to him tomorrow.  Hope all the fathers out there have a great Fathers day including my own wonderful dad, father-in-law and of course my favorite new dad, Brian :-)


Saturday, June 11, 2011

25 weeks

This week the weather was beautiful.  Brian took off work on Wednesday so we could go out on the boat for the first time with Annabelle since it was in the 90's.  She loved it and did great, we were out 4 hours and the only little fussing she did was when she needed a diaper change or was hungry.  Her new life jacket fits ok, if she was any smaller it would be to big so she has plenty of room to grow.  She didn't complain about it at all and wore it the entire time we were out.  We bought her a nice pop up tent to go in for naps so we can get in the water and not have to worry about the sun getting to her (even though we had the bimini up as well).  I still didn't go far from the boat so I could peek in and make sure she was still sleeping.  It was a gorgeous day with a nice breeze coming off the bay, we even packed a lunch to eat out on the water.   

After a full day on the boat we decided to go home, feed Annabelle and head back out to the log cabin for their weekly bike / car show.  It was a beautiful night to walk around, hang out with good friends and see some nice cars.  Annabelle was surprisingly awake most of the time, sitting up in her big girl stroller.  She played with her toys and enjoyed people watching.

Today we got to the YMCA to take Annabelle swimming for the first time.  At first she didn't know what to think about it, just looked all around at the people and the lights.  It's such a nice Y, they have an infant pool and a kiddie pool so we stared in the 2 inch deep infant pool then when we saw that she was ok with that we moved into the 3ft kiddie pool.  After some playing around with daddy she started smiling and really enjoying it.  She liked moving all around the pool laying on her back.  We stayed about 30 minutes then decided we should go while it was still a positive experience.  We will defiantly be going back a lot more and are looking forward to swim lessons next month.

In other news, Annabelle's bottom two teeth look to be coming in, I've included a picture of the little dots.  Solids are also going very well, she's tried pears and loved them.  Tomorrow I'm going to give her avocado and see what she thinks of that.  Most of the other pictures are just some from the week, lots of smiles and her playing with her winkle toy which she loves.