Wednesday, May 6, 2015

New house!

Things have been very busy the past month.  We started looking for a house and fell in love with one within 2 weeks of starting to look.  We immediately put an offer in and we are moving May 29th!  It's still in Webster, about 7 miles from our current home.  We had just outgrown this house and it was difficult for Annabelle to get around with all the stairs.  The new house is a colonel with a 3.5 car garage, 4 bedrooms, and was built in 2008.  We are so very excited about the move!  Annabelle asks to go to the house daily, she doesn't quite understand the idea of moving but she does love the new house.

We went to a neighborhood garage sale this past Saturday and met a lot of our new neighbors.  Found out there are 25 kids under 10 just on our end of the street!  There are a few little girls 3-4 years old and there are even a few special needs kids.  Everyone was so friendly and nice, I can't wait to move and meet everyone else, it's a great little community.

Annabelle started swim lessons last Thursday, she absolutely loved it!  I'm so glad that she likes it and is learning water safety along with swimming skills.  We also had a vision eval at school, she will likely be getting vision therapy to help her stay on task and scan areas (precursor to reading).

Everything has been going great, below are some pictures of the fun we have had.  Most of our days now are school, packing, activity, dinner, packing.  I'll be happy when it's all over!

Going for a walk, loves her jogging stroller!

such a happy girl - on our way to the zoo

At the zoo with friends from school

trying out the new rock climbing wall at the zoo

that's a big polar bear!

ready for gymnastics, won't stop moving for a picture
she's a superstar!

Playing dress up, a favorite of hers

Clyde apparently needed some bling too

Our new house!!
Annabelle's room in the new house <3

New swing set they are leaving :)  She LOVED playing on it and didn't want to go in

Looking out the window in her new bedroom

First swim lesson 

So happy to be outside, love sidewalk chalk

Helping mommy vacuum

I wish the vacuum actually worked - LOL