Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Enjoying spring

Not much new here in Rochester but I thought I would post some pics from the past month.  Last week my parents came up for a visit and the week before that Annabelle had spring break & we celebrated Easter so we have been very busy.

This past weekend was also very busy.  Annabelle started a new horse riding and it will go every other week throughout the summer.  We also attended Imagine RIT at the local college.  They have all kinds of inventions and projects that they demonstrate.  One team of students, working with the PT's at CP Rochester where Annabelle goes to school, created a mobile stander which she got to demonstrate to onlookers at the event.  She did very well considering all the distractions there.

We bought Annabelle a new house to plan in outside.  She loves playing in it, her favorite part is the mailbox.  I can't wait to get all her toys out to the deck and enjoy the beautiful weather.  I was surprised on my birthday with a present for Annabelle and I.  Brian (working with my friend Michelle and her husband) got me a new (to me) BOB jogging stroller.  It's so nice and smooth even to walk with.  Annabelle loves it and we have taken it out for a few walks already.

Sorry the pictures are out of order, they are from 3 different cameras.  I need to figure out how to sort by date not by name.

Cutie in her cowgirl hat Grandma made her

Annabelle and PaPa

Grandma Linda, Annabelle, and PaPa Eric

Grandma and Annabelle - so cute!  

Annabelle being Annabelle :)  

Looking out the door with Clyde

Helping clean out our pots and pans

After seeing the Easter bunny


Loved the easter egg hunt

Using her choice board to let me know what she needs / wants 

She loves arts & crafts

Annabelle and her friend Lucas at his house <3

Exploring her new house

Grandma and Annabelle frosting cupcakes for my birthday

This is what Grandma and mom do to me while out shopping ;-)

Our first walk in the new BOB

Imagine RIT 

Ready to water color

Playing with toys at our local consignment shop

reclined back for a relaxing walk after school 

She found a communication app on her ipad and kept asking me to blow bubbles 

Long day at horse therapy & school! 
Waiting for the Easter Bunny

Watching the other kids sit on bunny's lap 

Easter morning

This is when we told her we were done with presents, she's signing "more"

Last year she was in a spica cast for Easter, we never thought this year she would be walking around the living room with an Easter basket doing an egg hunt <3  Just amazing!!

She decided to climb into her bin

Annabelle riding Sassy at Never Say Never Stables just 5 minutes from our house