Saturday, August 27, 2016

Summer Update

Summer has been flying by!  We have had lots of adventures this summer, I'll let the pictures tell those stories.  Last week we said our goodbyes to everyone at CP Rochester.  Annabelle has been attending preschool there for over 3 years and now it's time to move on to Kindergarten at Schlegel Road school here in Webster.  It was so very hard to say goodbye, they have become like family and we will miss them.

Last week Annabelle had to get her first set of stitches.  She fell in the kitchen and cut open her lip.  It was only one stitch because the cut went off her lip onto her skin.  She was a trooper both times we went (the dissolving ones fell out within 2 hours so we had to go back).

This week Brian's parents came for a visit.  It was so nice they could make it up to see our new house and how much Annabelle has grown.  She put on a pretty good show for them and we had a really nice visit.

Today we are going to the annual TJ Joy Ride, a dice run to raise money for seizure detection matts for children with epilepsy.  Brian will be riding his motorcycle while Annabelle & I will drive to the last stop down past Buffalo.  I'm looking forward to seeing everyone, we only get to see them once a year.

We still have a full week before school starts so I'm sure there will be many more adventures.  Lots of pictures but, as usual, they didn't come across in order.

Annabelle and her friends

Annabelle, Avery and Mackenzie at the splash pad
Face painting at the zoo

Playing at the spray park

Swings at Seabreeze (local amusement park)

Riding cars with Sara

Hanging out in Canandaigua with friends <3 

Tubing with daddy

Tubing with mommy

Sue, Grace, Catherine, Scarlett, mommy & Annabelle

First day on the bus for summer program

She even picks out her own outfits - quite the fashionista

Fun at JuJu's pool

Waiting for the parade to start

marching in the parade with Challenger Baseball

She loves her popsicles 

Playdoh with daddy

more Seabreeze fun

Ready for the roller coaster

Getting her hair washed before the cut

New haircut

Drive out to Olcott Beach Park

Out to dinner

Playing on the playground at her new school

New swing for her playset

Out at a festival, always making new friends

Just a day hanging at the pool

Playing on the leapfrogs with Avery and Mackenzie

Our new meal setup, she loves sitting at her table 

Snapchat fun

Hanging with daddy at the Dinosaur

Poor bug with a split lip

But they give popsicles after stitches!

Making cake for her teachers & therapists

Last day of preschool

Silly girl at Wegmans

MomMom & PopPop playing "trot trot" with Annabelle

Restaurant selfie

Annabelle entertaining all

Watching a magician at Olcott beach park

One of the little rides at Olcott beach park, only $.25 each!!

Ready for baseball

some dairy free ice cream after baseball 

She loves coloring on her desk next to mommy's

Everyone loves an ipad, even before horse therapy 

Silly girl

making MomMom laugh

Dance party at the neighbors house

We have the best neighborhood, so happy we moved here!!

walk out on the pier in Rochester, love being near the lake

Carousel ride at the beach

her smile always makes me happy <3