Friday, August 26, 2011

8 months old

Technically last Thursday Annabelle was 8 months but since we were leaving for Maryland I didn't have time to post.  Things are going great here, Annabelle continues to amaze us everyday with how well she's progressing.  It seems if I'm worried about her progress and say something to Brian, that night she does something new as to say "everything is going to be ok".  She is still not sitting up completely on her own but is doing much better.  She is also using her arms so much more.  She will pick up toys, pass them from hand to hand, and shake them.  She also started drinking out of her sippy cup although I'm still trying to get her to hold it.  Her hands are coming up to the bottle when she eats but she just can't hold it yet.  I'm sure within a couple weeks she will figure it out. 

Our trip to Maryland was great!  I have included lots of pictures of playing, boating and with mom-mom & pop-pop.  She did wonderful in the car for about 9 hours on the way down, we would stop for bottles & diaper changes.  On the way back she let me give her bottles right in the car seat so it saved a lot of time (she even burped herself).  We only had to stop to change diapers and let the dogs out.  We got home in 7 hours because of our short stops and we also didn't have the Philly traffic or any rain.  Annabelle also got to meet her Aunt Donna while we were down there.  Such a great trip, we hated to leave but we had to get back to Rochester for Brian to get back to work :-).

I signed Annabelle up for her swim lessons today.  I'm excited to take her since she loves swimming so much, I think she's going to love it.  We signed up for evening classes so Brian & I can both take her.  I also signed her up for Music Therapy starting next month.  We have read is really good for development with children with PMG as well as good for children without special needs.  I wanted to sign her up for the Little Gym also but we are going to be adding OT next month so I thought that might be to much.  We are going to save the Little Gym for January, it will give us a reason to get out of the house during those long cold months.

Lots of pictures, we had a little photo shoot for her 8 month birthday in a tutu I found her.  I also included a pic of the sunset one night in MD and one of Clyde & Apollo in the car. 


Sunday, August 14, 2011

34 Weeks

Just a quick post with some pictures from the past week.  We have been out and about enjoying the beautiful summer weather with the exception of some much needed rain on Wednesday.  Since we couldn't be outside we headed to the YMCA for some swimming in their kiddie pool.  Annabelle is getting to be a little fish, she put her head under water three times and every time came up with her eyes open and a big smile!  We will be signing up for Fall swim lessons later this month.

The last pictures are Annabelle on a toy I just got her this week.  It's a cute tummy mat with a ladybug in the center that she can lay on and spin around.  It seems like this will help her with reaching and using her arms more.  She's doing great overall with development, still a little behind but improving everyday.  She's grabbing things and also holding & shaking rattles now.  It's amazing how every little milestone we hit is a huge cause for celebration in our house.  I was almost in tears when she started shaking the rattles or when she is laying in her pack and play and picks up a toy to play. 

This Thursday we are heading down to visit Brian's parents in Maryland.  Hopefully she will do ok in the car for such a long ride.  When we went to Erie she slept the entire time but that's only 2 1/2 hours and she was only 4 months old.  I'm sure we will come back with some stories and tons of pictures! 

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the summer.