Saturday, December 26, 2020

Quarantine week 41

The week leading up to Christmas was absolutely magical with Annabelle!  Even with not going to our typical Christmas events, thanks COVID, we still had a blast!  We just reinvented December, just like we have been doing for 9 months now, the glass is always 1/2 full here so we make the best of every situation.  

Her excitement every day was so fun, whether it is was looking for Jingles the elf, reading letters from Santa, or wrapping presents.  Brian took off work so we did fun activities every afternoon, went hunting for Christmas lights, baked & decorated cookies and had some social distanced present drop offs.  

We hope everyone had a very safe, magical, & Merry Christmas!  

Love to all - Brian, Mandy, Annabelle, & Bug

Making frosting trees & gnomes

All ready for the last day of school before Christmas

Making reindeer food

beautiful lights

rolling out cookies

A roller just her size!

painting cookies

building a car with daddy

picking up her letter from Santa

Matching PJ's for Bug & Annabelle

watching Santa read the Night Before Christmas

Christmas eve eve golf cart ride
around the neighborhood

These two

Cleaning up Annabelle's food & enteral supplies,
these are all the empty boxes LOL

All organized and put away!

Painting crafts, love our new room!

Making hair extensions, birthday gift

Tracking NORAD on Alexa and mapping it on our globe

Christmas eve, sprinkling reindeer food outside

Putting out treats for everyone

Our favorite Christmas movie!  
Christmas eve tradition

Writing a note to Santa like Billy does in Annabelle's wish

Santa came!

early morning crafting while waiting to
go downstairs and open presents

So excited!!

We asked where to start and she wanted to give us
our presents!  I love her giving heart

Brian's new NAS

The aftermath, lots of cleaning to do today!