Tuesday, April 26, 2011

18 weeks

Technically I guess this is an 18 1/2 week update but we were out of town until yesterday. We traveled down to my parents house for Easter with Annabelle, Clyde & Apollo.  I of course over packed since it was our first trip but it was ok because Brian bought a car top carrier for the Tuscon so we had plenty of room.  Annabelle was a great traveler, she slept the entire 2 1/2 - 3 hours to Erie and back home! 

While in Erie Annabelle got to meet her Uncle Curt, Aunt Tina, cousins Curtis & Sydney and her Great PaPa Walt & Great Grandma Shirley.  She also spent a lot of time with her Grandma Linda and PaPa Elder.  I didn't get to hold her much with all the family around.  Everyone even took turns feeding her (although I think Grandma Linda fed her most).  We had a wonderful Easter, the Easter bunny visited her while we were there, she got a few books, stuffed animals, and leg warmers.

On a side note we had our 4 month appointment last week.  She is growing fast, 11 pounds 3oz and just over 24 inches long.  She got her shots and we discussed introducing cereal, we are going to wait until she is 6 months, she's doing great with the new formula & still getting breastmilk too.  She still needs to get better head control before we start her on any solids.

I've included a bunch of pictures from the weekend, I had a few Easter outfits for Annabelle.  We colored eggs Saturday, even though Annabelle didn't help, she just napped while we decorated them for her.  While we were there my mom & dad got me a birthday cake and we had an early birthday celebration.  The other pictures are mostly of all the family. 


Sunday, April 17, 2011

4 Months old

Tomorrow Annabelle will be 4 months old!  This past week I found that some of her 0-3 month pj's are to small and the 3-6 month ones fit now.  After a few diaper accidents I also realized she's ready for size 2 diapers.  She's getting so big, our four month doctor appointment is Wednesday so we will see how much she has grown in the past month.  I weighed her last week and she was 11 pounds, 6 ounces.

Friday we went to the mall shopping and Annabelle sat on the Easter bunny's lap.  I was able to take pictures but also purchased one.  The one picture I got looks like Annabelle was yelling at the lady who was trying to get her to smile.  I also got the professional pictures back this week we had taken earlier this month.  I was very happy with them, not a ton of smiles but I think they turned out great!  Glad I got to keep all of them, I couldn't have picked just one or two of them to have printed.

I wish I could write captions on my pictures but some of the descriptions:  Brian & Annabelle taking a nap, Annabelle's swimsuit - tried it on for summer, her summer bonnet, lots of smiles, going to the park with Annabelle, Clyde & Apollo, and the shadow box I made for her with her footprints. 

Next weekend we are going to Grandma & PaPa Elders for Easter.  She is going to get to meet lots of family including her Great Grandpa Walt and Great Grandma Shirley.  I'm sure we will have lots of pictures Monday when we get home.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

16 weeks

We have been very busy this week.  As usual the week started off with yoga on Monday and physical therapy on Tuesday.  Both went well, at yoga she stayed awake almost the entire class and seemed to really enjoy herself.  Danielle (the physical therapist) said that Annabelle is doing great and said it's almost like a different baby week to week because of all the progress she is making!  Annabelle is now starting to reach out and is figuring out what her hands can do, along with tracking everything we put in front of her. 

Wednesday we had a play date with one of my sorority sisters and her little boy Gray.  I included a picture of them almost holding hands while laying on Annabelle's blanket, so cute.  We did a little shopping Thursday and Friday.  Annabelle is really starting to enjoy our shopping trips.  We only had one meltdown at Buy Buy Baby, luckily they have changing rooms and that's all we needed was a clean diaper.  I found a new mobile for on her pack & play or stroller and she loves it.  There is a picture of her staring at it, this went on for awhile.  I also found her a pair of sunglasses that have a strap for on the boat this summer.  I took some pictures of them even though they are still a little to big.

This weekend the weather has been so nice Brian & I took Annabelle, Apollo, & Clyde for a nice 2 mile walk around the neighborhood yesterday and then took them to a nearby park for a walk today.  Everyone enjoyed the fresh air and slept very well after both walks. 


Sunday, April 3, 2011

15 weeks

We had our first play date this week with three other babies (set of twins boy & girl and another little girl).  The babies seemed to have fun and the mommies enjoyed the time to catch up and compare some notes about being first time moms. 

Yesterday we had our first professional pictures taken.  We will receive a disk with all the pictures later this week, I will be sure to post a few.  She did great for over an hour of picture taking in multiple outfits.  I think she may be a little ham for the camera like her mommy. 

Not much else going on this past week, yoga and physical therapy as usual.  I mainly wanted to post some pictures I took this week.  As March came to an end I realized I took over 300 pictures of Annabelle in March alone and that's not counting pictures on the iPhone :-).  We have lots of fun dressing up and having little photo shoots in the afternoons.  I'm sure as the weather gets nicer and we can get outside we will have more action photos.