Saturday, August 29, 2020

Quarantine week 24

 Yet another week and we tried to keep busy the best we could.  Lots of pool fun and golf cart rides.  We also went to Wickham Farms to see the sunflowers to mix up the week a little bit.

We had a meeting with the school to discuss what Annabelle's school year is going to look like.  I'm excited that we are making this year very individualized for her so she doesn't need to go full day and I will be working with her new teachers to handle her afternoon instruction at home.  Two weeks to go until school starts, to say I'm nervous is an understatement!

This week Annabelle asked me to take off her float in the pool.  I haven't done that since last year and she sunk to the bottom.  This time she took off swimming on her own!  She still wears her mask to protect her mouth / nose since she can't control her breathing but she's doing amazing with swimming all over.  Hoping we might have a couple more pool days before school but fall is going to be here soon and the pool will be closed.  At least we will still have the golf cart until it snows LOL!

Giving Dante a checkup while Bug watches

swimming with daddy & barbies
Playing with LOL's - new obsession

Night swimming with glow sticks and lights
Our night golf cart ride after swimming

Matching outfits were not planned

a little playing before our pool day

everyone loves Annabelle's neck ring, luckily she has enough to share!

Afternoon snack
Sitting at the red light I was sad to think it's been over 5 months since I've gone to any of these stores.  All online for me, hopefully soon we can go again.

Another pool day with amazing neighbors
Annabelle's baby is ready to swim with her

Annabelle took off swimming this week without a float!  Swam all around the pool like a little fish!

Bought a LOL with money from the neighbor for watering her plants

Working on some fashion plates, I loved these when I was little!

Meeting their new teacher!  We happened to be at the neighbors house who will be in her class when their teacher came.
Annabelle taught her the "elbow" greeting

Our neighbors new puppy, so sweet and fluffy!!

New doll outfits and doing their hair

Lots of pictures from Wickham Farms.  The girls had so much fun!

All the sunflower fields were so beautiful!

Stopping to smell the flowers
These two are adorable together, their friendship is so sweet and fun!

They were both getting tired from all the walking and pictures.  Such a sweet moment <3 

Grace & Annabelle pushing Bella.  So grateful for such wonderful friends!

Jumping pillow - go during dinner time and it's the perfect social distancing!

Monday, August 24, 2020

Quarantine week 23

 Quarantine week 23 and I realized it's been 24 years since meeting my partner in crime.  The past 5 months have only been bearable because of this man, he's my rock and my other half.  Together with Annabelle we have kept going during this crazy time and tried to always do it with a smile :-)   We still don't go out much, no indoors, no restaurants (except takeout), no working in person, and we still have to limit our interactions with others who are also being very careful.    

This is our quarantine bubble.  Yes, we see other people and visit outside with distance but these are the three families who we are close with and Annabelle can play all day with.  Annabelle couldn't ask for better friends and neither could we.  

This week we had some rain and with that is finding things to keep this girl busy.  It's a preview of what winter will most likely be like. 

Basement dance party

Rainy night = game night

Another rainy day so we took out all the Peppa Pig, Daniel Tiger, and other characters to play with.

Kayaking on the canal

Tree scavenger hunt in Fairport, NY

Barbie is either swimming or taking a bath in my fountain during AB's dinner

We went with our neighbors to the Genesee Village and Country Museum.  It was such a fun day trip and the girls had a great time together.  Very interesting to see all the different ways people lived back then.
We walked over 3 miles!  For Annabelle that's a huge accomplishment :-)  She's getting so strong!

Me and my best girl!

This house was home to a farming couple and 10 children.  This was the only room with a bed behind us.  The loft is where the children would sleep.  Never complaining about space in our house again!

Picnic lunch

The brewery

Annabelle and her mask - she was trying to put it back on

Annabelle asked to have matching braided pigtails

Putting on some new nails, love Color Street!

pool intensions - perfect for our daily swimming