Tuesday, September 27, 2011

40 weeks

This past week Annabelle had her 9 month checkup.  The doctor was very happy with her progress and how well she's doing with her upper body, building up that muscle tone.  She weighed in at 16lbs even and 27 1/4 inches long, still on the tiny side but growing steadily which is all that matters! 

We have been enjoying our music and swim classes.  This Thursday we start OT, I'm very excited to get another perspective on her development and more activities to do.  We also had a speech evaluation last week which went well.  She was very impressed with Annabelle's ability to listen and understand what I was saying.  She is going to be coming back in a couple weeks to work on some flash cards and seeing if we can get Annabelle to tell us what she needs through gaze.  I've been doing sign language with Annabelle since she was about 6 months and she understands when I sign to her but I don't think she has the coordination yet to do the signs. 

Sitting has seemed to take a back seat for now, she is all about trying to crawl now.  Those little legs and her body are trying so hard.  Her arms are even starting in so I'm focusing most of our time working on those skills.  We had PT today and Danielle said it's going to happen soon. 

I've included a bunch of pictures from the last week.  As you can see Clyde is very interested in Annabelle and vice versa.  I love how she rolled the ball toward him in the one picture like she wanted him to play with it.  Any time we are playing on the floor Clyde is right there to watch.  All the mask pictures are from our trip to Target last week.  We had lots of fun trying on the masks and hats there.  She seems to love shopping and being silly with mommy!   And of course I always have the camera right there to get some pictures of all the fun!


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

9 Months old

We have been so busy I've barely had time to sit down at the computer, or anywhere else for that matter.  We started music & swim class last week, Annabelle had a great time at both.  She enjoyed playing with all the different instruments and all the singing in both classes.  We also went to a place called Color me Mine and made a plate with our hand prints on it one evening with the moms group that we go out with.  It was a lot of fun, I included a picture of the plate we made. 

This past weekend was a big one for us, more for me.  We had a wedding to go to in Erie and it was my first time away from Annabelle for more than a couple hours.  She stayed with my mom & dad so I knew she was in good hands.  I didn't cry at all when we left and she was a perfect angel all day for Grandma & PaPa.  I included a picture of Brian and I at the wedding since I don't have many pictures of me dressed up these days.  There is also a picture of Annabelle's cousin Sydney holding her and one with PaPa.

We had our 6 month evaluation with Early Intervention this week.  In the next couple weeks we are going to be starting OT on top of the PT weekly sessions and the monthly speech therapy.  I'm hoping that OT can help us with improving her upper body strength and starting to work on the fine motor skills.  She has been doing fantastic with using her hands more as you can tell from some of the pictures.  Her legs are very strong, she's standing very well and loves to play in her bounce seat and exersaucers.  We are getting closer to sitting on her own.  I think now that she's on new reflux medicine she will be able to focus less on her stomach hurting and more on developing those skills!  We are hopeful that in the next couple blogs we will have some big news on milestones we've hit!


Sunday, September 11, 2011

38 Weeks

Things are going great here in Rochester!  We went for our first carousel ride at the mall last Sunday and Annabelle had her first pig tails.  I've included a few other favorite pictures from the week.  I love the one that she's looking down at Clyde from her high chair.  I just happened to catch that.  We are headed out for what may be our last boat ride of the season this afternoon.