Monday, January 20, 2014

Our little walker

Annabelle has been taking more and more steps.  We practice everyday in the morning and evening (along with her wonderful PT working with her at school).  I was able to get a little video tonight of her walking (hoping it works).  She is so proud of herself when she walks across the room, I just love seeing her big smile at such an amazing accomplishment!

For those who do not know, when Annabelle was diagnosed with PMG at 2 months old we were told she may never walk, talk, communicate, or even sit up so to see this just makes us happier than words can express.

Thought I would add some pics too.

Playing in her tower

New pink boots

wearing daddy's hat

ready for school

standing on PC

Clyde guarding the playroom

identifying animals

her bin has over 50 animals and people yet she picks out the right animal 

more labeling, I can't wait to get her pro-slate tablet so we have more choices

Little peanut on her new peanut ball