Saturday, March 13, 2021

Quarantine week 52 - 365 days!

Today marks 365 days since Annabelle's last in person day of 2nd grade.  Last time she was in school without masks, social distancing, without COVID-19, without fear of being high risk.  It's unbelievable that a year ago we were thinking OMG - we might have to stay home until spring break!!  It's been tough and we've had many challenges but I wouldn't change one decision that we made to keep us safe!  Overall in the past 52 weeks Annabelle has had 1 cold that lasted 3 days, no strep, no flu, no pneumonia, no nebs, almost no inhaler.  The masks have kept her so healthy, it's been amazing!!  

Annabelle had her 10 year well checkup this week, all is good and she's so happy with her growth this year!  She made a big leap, still under 3rd %tile but her BMI is perfect so that's all we worry about with her.  We talked about COVID and she said we need to continue limiting who she sees and have to weigh risks until Annabelle can get a vaccine.  Like being at school is necessary, but her risk is low because her class is small and everyone wears masks 100% of the time.  Even after I'm vaccinated (next week - YAY) she will still need to wear a mask if playing with friends, even if their parents are vaccinated.  

Brian is on his way home tonight from visiting his parents & brother in Florida.  Thankfully he had his second COVID vaccine over 3 weeks ago.  It's been a long week and we miss him so much, can't wait to see him!  

LOLs were flying to FL to see daddy

zoom dance class

she was hiding from me, giggling so hard

Our friend Scarlett's 10th birthday parade

helping me paint

made my first "stack of books" from a dollar tree bin

Art therapy - drew our house & family
I added labels just to clear up any confusion

Delivered all her girl scout cookies

No more 5 point harness, seat belt for this big girl!

playing tag with her friend

Lost a tooth, had to have our neighbor 
pull it because I hate all things teeth related!

doing her chores, dusting the living room

Night time at the pool, the blue lights almost make it look open

Saturday, March 6, 2021

Quarantine week 51

 It's such a strange time, people are getting vaccinated everyday but living normal still seems so far away for us.  Children are still not getting the vaccine so until that happens or we reach herd immunity I don't see how things can get back to even close to normal.  We need to continue to stay vigilant for Annabelle and to keep her safe.  

States are opening, dropping mask mandates, people want schools open full time (a lot are pushing no masks).  I LOVE masks, Annabelle has had one little cold that lasted 3 days since September.  No strep, no flu induced pneumonia, no ear infections, no colds that last months.  I'm sorry, but masks for kids is the best thing to keep them healthy!  I'm shocked at how healthy she has been, it's been an amazing year for that.

Beautiful moon rising over the pool

Science experiments 

Music therapy

making soaps