Thursday, July 19, 2018

2018 is flying by!

I can't believe that my last post was at Christmas!  What a busy year we have had, I guess with all the Instagram and Facebook posts I have neglected posting here for those without social media and I apologize.

Annabelle finished out kindergarten and we found out her two teachers will be looping up to 1st grade with her.  We are so excited because we love her team and they already know her so well.  She learned so much the past year and has grown so much in other areas.  I'm so very proud of her for how hard she tries everyday despite her limitations.  She has made some very nice friends and I'm looking forward to next year and seeing all that it brings.

Our pool was officially completed in June and we have been enjoying it almost everyday since.  Annabelle loves being in the pool and is getting really good at swimming in such a short time.  Because it's been so warm, the pool temp is staying between 88-94 degrees which is great for her muscles to stay loose.  We have had lots of friends over but are waiting for any parties until all the grass comes in.  It's honestly a vacation in our backyard, it's so relaxing to swim all afternoon with friends or for Brian and I to enjoy a night swim after Annabelle goes to bed. 

Annabelle is receiving services through the summer along with some additional therapies.  She has started horse therapy again at Heritage Christian Stables, we also attended their Boots and Barrels event in June to raise money for the stables.  We are also trying a new speech therapy called PROMPT.  It uses physical prompts and supports to have her make different vocalizations and sounds.  It has been very successful so far, we hope that maybe she can strengthen those muscles and begin saying a few words.  Finally she is still receiving PT, OT & Speech through the school district 2x's a week.  She loves going to the middle school for services and playing.  It's almost like a little summer camp for her and they scheduled it for early morning so it doesn't cut into our swimming time.

Another big thing that has happened this month, we have officially become a foster family!  We are hoping to help children from ages 0-3 and Annabelle's couldn't be more excited.  We have the nursery all set up and ready, when she walks by she will point and sign "baby".  Hopefully within the next week or so we will get our first placement.  We don't know if they will be short term or long term but we are ready to be the loving and caring home these children need until they can go back with their own family.  We are also prepared to adopt a little one if possible.  Either way we feel like this will be a good experience for our entire family.  Our county has such a need for foster families, in just one Saturday we were told they had 12 kids come into the system.  It's heartbreaking to hear all the stories but I feel like we were meant to help because we have the room in our home and our hearts.

Some of our amazing neighborhood kids <3 

building a birdhouse with daddy

First baseball game on Miracle Field

Daddy built her a new big girl bed!

This girl loves her daddy so much!! 
This is my everything!

Silly with mommy

twin sandwich :-)

Kindergarten field trip to the farm

Dance recital

Special Olympics day

CP Rochester 5k run for fun ambassador

Handing out metals

David's Refuge picnic

Boots & Barrels

Dance like no one is watching (or for everyones dinner entertainment LOL)

Daisy bridging ceremony to Brownies

Kindergarten songs and program

Picking up our CSA

Raspberry picking with friends

Pool days are the best days with friends!

Hanging on the beach on the 4th of July

New swing

singing Moana for us

summer practice

fun at the zoo

Date nights and sunsets

Webster parade