Sunday, October 25, 2020

Quarantine week 32

 Almost missed this week, it's been a bit crazy.  Brian went to visit his parents so while he was gone Annabelle and I painted his office and had lots of girl time.  She had girl scouts and dance via zoom and we picked up our last CSA share from Wickham Farms.

Our Covid numbers are going back up across the country.  We have exceeded 225,000 deaths and the election is next Tuesday.  Praying things change soon (like November 3rd) and we won't be locked down all winter!  

Zoom dance class

Goodbye gold!
Love the new color!!

Girl scout meeting
She was so sad the first night that daddy wasn't
there to tuck her in.  Since March 13th we have
tucked her in every night together.

We made new matching shirts

Back to the basement for zoom workouts
Life skills - cleaning her bathroom

Trying out new hairstyles
Homemade masks

working on her sight words and doing amazing!
Counting Shopkins to 100

Petting zoo & pumpkin patch

Hayride with friends

Daddy is home!
Tiny Diamond from Trolls World Tour

Our neighborhood had a Halloween parade to celebrate safely.

LOL & Sunny Day meet

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Quarantine week 31

 Another week flies by!  This was a short school week since Columbus day was Monday.  Sunday we sent birthday wishes to my dad who turned 75 down in Pennsylvania.  We were able to facetime him and sent a special card that Annabelle made for him.  Unfortunately, we won't be making it down to PA anytime soon.  

It was a beautiful week weather wise so we spent lots of time outside after school while we still can.  The golf cart is still a big hit, we will miss it when it gets put away for winter!!  

We have been working on math everyday and Annabelle is really doing well.  There are still times of frustration but it's understandable.  School pictures came back this week and they turned out gorgeous!  

Going to do a little home project this week, hopefully I'll have before & after pics by next weekend.

Coloring puppies

Annabelle keeping Chloe warm on a golf cart ride

Night cart ride with friends & glow sticks!

Practicing numbers, I've found she does best
with gross motor movement to identify numbers.

New picture I made, so therapeutic!

Doing some Halloween art

Making witches stew at school, working hard as always!

Pulling out pegs and pushing back in.  Science & OT :-) 

3rd grade school picture

Pics from 3yr preschool to 9yo 3rd grade (2 preschool, 2 kindergarten on top)

Working on those numbers again

Our new welcome sign I made out of scrap wood in the garage!

working on a project this week :-) 

fishing for sight words

math everyday!  Always trying different things

Playing barbies in the basement, posing with "Chloe & Brooke" dolls