Monday, July 27, 2020

Quarantine week 19

This weekend got away from me.  More swimming, golf carts, and threw in a social distance walk at Corbett's Glenn park & Zoom AAC summer camp this week.  

The biggest conversation lately has been "are you sending your kids back to school?"  Also what will school look like, will it be safe, what are we going to do?  We still plan on keeping Annabelle home for 6-8 weeks if possible to see what it looks like but who knows what might change in August.

The new little library in our neighborhood

AAC summer camp
So excited to go out!  Picking up chlorine curbside LOL

Finally found a frame for our anniversary present.

Finally getting lots of tomatoes from our plants for salads

The pug cart

Our first book from the little library

Blueberry zucchini bread made with applesauce, no sugar, and oats instead of flour :-)

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Quarantine week 18

Things are really changing and not for the better regarding corona.  States are closing back down and their hospitals are full with very sick patients.  I read that Pennsylvania is closing bars that do not offer dining because they have another surge.  I think bars & restaurants are going to be our downfall, they have seen it all around the south, people going inside to cool down from the heat.  In my opinion, indoor dining & drinking is just irresponsible during this time and we should have never opened them.  According to experts it is where you take the biggest risk of spreading the virus.  We have not gone out for a meal since March 13th and it's going to stay that way.  I'm not even comfortable with outdoor dining yet.

Because of the surge in other states we have started to pull back on activities with others again this week for Annabelle.  Brian & I have talked a lot about the health risks and her mental & social needs.  Unfortunately, there is no black and white answers so we just have to move forward by following our gut instinct.

On to the fun.  We finally started getting some much needed rain this week.  On the bad side, it all came at once and backed up the storm drains.  The kids (and dads) had some fun jumping in the pools of water which drained quickly after the storm.  Lots of indoor fun during storms this week, we even snuck in some therapy & school work :-)  

We have been riding the golf cart and swimming almost everyday.  We really can't complain, we have amazing neighbors who are also being cautious and it's been a beautiful summer.  

These two are best buds!

looking the other way, it was very short lived.
Hope came and kept Annabelle dry

Front Porch pics, we decided to do them poolside

Walking at Casey Park

Fun afternoon at a neighbors pool

Strange storm rolling in
Working on our OT & Math

This sums up summer 2020, heading to the pool

Riding with friends

Exhausted from the heat and the day!  Ready for bed!!

Making bracelets with the neighbor girls

Found a space, no tooth, no idea when it fell out LOL

melting crayons into a butterfly mold

Quarantine garage sale kit
Grace made AB a communication board to make choices, love them!

Love my solar umbrella.  First night I've been up late enough to turn it on.