Sunday, March 10, 2024

Drama Club - Sponge Bob the musical

Opening night Annabelle was so excited and I was a ball of nerves for her.  I was mainly nervous she would fall or get knocked over, not that she wouldn't do amazing.  Well, she did a fantastic job and I'm so very proud of her and all the cast & crew!  




Late bedtime story after an amazing day!


Saturday they had 2 shows, an afternoon & evening performance.  Annabelle did great, the last show she sat out a few songs but came around and finished strong.  She was exhausted, it was such a long day!  We had lots of friends and teachers who came, I wish I would have gotten more pictures!!  She made some amazing friendships through drama, everyone was amazing.  Such an amazing experience for her and she wants to do it again next year! 

That's a wrap, until next year . . .