Thursday, December 27, 2012

Birthday & Christmas

Annabelle had a wonderful 2nd birthday!  We spent the day playing and shopping, two of her favorite things to do with mommy.  Then when daddy got home we opened presents and had dinner.   

Annabelle started her school last Thursday.  Brian & I dropped her off and there were only a few tears from me, none from Annabelle.  The teachers said you would have never guessed it was her first day!  She did great and had so much fun!  It really helped that she has been seeing the pool PT since April and that she knew almost all the aids so it wasn't totally unfamiliar.  On her second day she did great and they even had a Christmas party with Santa!  Because of all the snow last night she had her first snow day today.  

We spent a wonderful white Christmas at home, just the three of us.  From the looks of the presents you would think there were a lot more than just us.  Most of them were, of course, for Annabelle.  It was such a wonderful day spent playing with new toys (all three of us) and relaxing.    We even got to do some Face Time so Annabelle could see everyone.   

After a very disappointing winter last year, Annabelle finally got to go sledding for the first time.  She loved going down the hill on her new sled she got for her birthday, the faster the better!  She even enjoyed the rides back up the hill.  We got over a foot of snow last night so we went out again today.  I realized it's much better to go sledding on the driveway, easier for me to pull her back up.  

Lots of pictures, most are self explanatory.  I took a lot today on our day off!  We built a tent and watched You Tube videos and played in it with the dogs.  I think we got out 1/2 the toys in her playroom.  I now have to go and clean everything up so she can do it again when she is up from her nap.  Hope all is well with everyone and you had a very Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!!