Saturday, September 10, 2016

Last weeks of summer

What a busy few weeks!  The Joy Ride was a lot of fun, Brian & I raised over $1,000 to go toward buying families seizure detection mats.  It was a beautiful day and we even won a couple of the auction items :-) 

We got a new puppy named Bug the day after the ride.  He is so cute, a yorkie terrier mix, and is fitting in great.  Such a bundle of energy and fun!

On Labor Day weekend we went to Canandaigua Lake with friends for a Ring of Fire party.  Everyone lights flairs around the lake and it's beautiful!  We also went hiking at Chimney Bluffs, a beautiful trail on Lake Ontario just East of where we live.

First day of Kindergarten was a success!  Annabelle was so excited and just as happy when she came home.  Her teacher says she is doing great so far and making friends all over the school.  


Making Play Doh for school

At the Joy Ride 2016

Brian pulling into the event

Donkey cart rides!!  So fun!

Presenting Angela with a big check

Natalie and Annabelle being silly

Miss Joy Ride 2013, 2014, & 2015

Clyde was not amused with her pom poms

First day collage

Pictures from her teacher

Annabelle and her friend Grace

Clyde meeting Bug

Napping after a long morning

First car ride to go get a leash and harness

Bug took over Clyde's bed

Fun with neighbors on the swing

Bug got tired on our walk so Annabelle gave him a ride

Annabelle and her teacher, Mrs Gilbert

Annabelle and Scarlett at Canandaigua Lake

Second day, waiting for the bus

Spirit day!

Last day of horse therapy

Bonfire at the lake

So excited to make marshmallows

Hiking at Chimney Bluffs

Such a beautiful view!

The trails were not made for strollers but we made them work!

New backpack

Ready for school <3