Saturday, July 14, 2012

Week of ups and downs

I'm so far behind on posting pictures and updates I'm not sure where to start.  This week has been one of the most stressful weeks since Annabelle was born so I'm going to focus on that for this post.  It started on Sunday, while swinging after dinner outside and watching Clyde & Brian play ball she started shaking and was unresponsive.  I called Brian over and we came to the realization that she was having her first seizure.  We just sat with her and I held her hand for the 30-60 seconds until it was over.  Brian got some of it on video for the doctors.  She was upset after & we decided to take her to the ER to be checked out.  After four hours, lots of nurses and doctors, blood draw they sent us home around midnight saying that she's ok.  

Monday we went to have an EEG, Annabelle did great other than not napping during it but that was no surprise.  On Tuesday we went back to Strong Hospital for an Arthrogram, a procedure where they inject dye into her hip to see the cartilage and make sure the ball of the hip is in fact in the socket.  If it wasn't they would either have to a) pop it in and then put her into a full cast waist down to ankles or if it wouldn't go in b) schedule surgery then cast her.  Either option would have her in a cast for 6-12 weeks in one of the hottest summers I can remember.  There was a slight possibility of a third outcome (I believe the doctor said 1-2% chance) that her hip was in place and it was just growing abnormally.  After her procedure, we found out that her hip was securely into the socket and casting wouldn't be needed at this time.  We were beyond relieved when we found out.  There still is a possibility that surgery and casting will be needed but we are going to use a brace at night for three months and see if that helps the socket of her hip start growing normally.  If it does than no surgery, if it is still growing out instead of around the ball of the hip then she will need surgery and casting.  By that point it will be much cooler and most of our activities will be indoors so it won't be as difficult as a cast in 90 degree weather!

Wednesday we heard back from Annabelle's neurologist, she said that her EEG was 100% seizure free and the brain activity was synchronous which is not "typical" for a child with PMG.  It was more like an EEG of a healthy brain!  We were so happy to hear everything looked good.  After discussing our options with the doctor, we decided that no seizure medicine is needed at this time but IF she has one more seizure, in the doctors words, "her butt's going on medicine"!  Sometimes it can be days, sometimes years so there really is no indication on if or when it will happen again.  I'm just happy we finished off this week on a much, much higher note than it started!  In the midst of it all, Annabelle got her 10th tooth!  Poor thing just can't catch a break.  I'm about to re install Windows on my PC, I will add photos later this weekend . . . hopefully if I can get my PC back up and running.