Sunday, April 3, 2011

15 weeks

We had our first play date this week with three other babies (set of twins boy & girl and another little girl).  The babies seemed to have fun and the mommies enjoyed the time to catch up and compare some notes about being first time moms. 

Yesterday we had our first professional pictures taken.  We will receive a disk with all the pictures later this week, I will be sure to post a few.  She did great for over an hour of picture taking in multiple outfits.  I think she may be a little ham for the camera like her mommy. 

Not much else going on this past week, yoga and physical therapy as usual.  I mainly wanted to post some pictures I took this week.  As March came to an end I realized I took over 300 pictures of Annabelle in March alone and that's not counting pictures on the iPhone :-).  We have lots of fun dressing up and having little photo shoots in the afternoons.  I'm sure as the weather gets nicer and we can get outside we will have more action photos.


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