Sunday, May 8, 2011

20 weeks

Thought I would post a quick blog as my first Mother's Day comes to an end.  It's been a truly wonderful day all around!  This morning Annabelle slept in until 7:15 then took good naps all day.  The dogs were very well behaved like they knew it was a special day.  I got many Mother's Day wishes via cards, facebook, texts, emails, and phone.  It was so great to finally hear "Happy Mother's Day" being said to me.  I've waited for a very long time to hear that as many people know.  Brian got me a beautiful Chamilia charm bracelet (picture included below) along with two cards, one from him & one from Annabelle.

Things are going very well with Annabelle's health at this time.  In physical therapy we are mainly working on head control, which is getting much better.  She is now smiling all the time and we are getting little laughs here & there.  She is also starting to find her feet which is really interesting to watch as she lifts her feet and watches them with amazement. 

On Saturday I officially got back down to my pre-pregnancy weight which was a huge accomplishment!  I would like to loose some more weight but it feels great to get all the baby weight off.  All the walks with Annabelle has helped drop those last few pounds. 

I've included a bunch of pictures from the past week of the many smiles I've caught.  Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day!


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