Saturday, August 6, 2011

33 Weeks

This week our big news is that Annabelle started riding in the shopping cart at Wegmans.  Of course I had the camera snapping pictures the entire time (all three times we went this week).  People probably thought I was crazy but I was so proud of her for sitting up so well in the seat!  She seemed to really enjoy being able to look all around and all the people fussing over her.  She always has big smiles for the people that say hi to her.  Next is sitting in a restaurant high chair, I'm sure I will have tons of pictures of that too.

Wednesday we went to the zoo for the first time.  We met a bunch of other moms and babies there and had a great afternoon.  I thought maybe Annabelle would be to young but she really enjoyed it.  She watched as a vulture flew around the cage, the loud flapping of it's wings caught her attention.  She also really liked the fish and sea lions swimming past her in underwater exhibit.  You can see in the pictures she was awake and having fun till the last picture when we were walking back to the car she passed out! 

Everything is now going into her mouth as her bottom teeth are just about through.  You can see in the one picture that she's trying to get both hands in there.  It's hard on me because she's finding it difficult to get toys to her mouth due to her upper body low muscle tone.  Although it is giving her motivation to get those arms moving toward her mouth.  She is moving those arms more and more, still not as much as her little legs.  We are seeing a huge difference when she is in the exersaucer, she's starting to really play with the toys.  On her tummy she is still not pushing up as to try and crawl but all in good time.  We work on those muscles everyday and hopefully soon it will all come together. 


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