Tuesday, October 18, 2011

10 months old

It's hard to believe that Annabelle is 10 months old today!  She is getting so big and learning new things everyday it seems.  This past weekend she started sitting up on her own for longer periods of time.  She will now sit for a few minutes playing with a toy and is also using her arms to keep her balance.  She is getting much stronger with her upper body, she is holding toys with both hands and reaching out for things much more than just a couple weeks ago. 

Today we started eating some cut up foods along with the purees I made.  She had kiwi, banana, avocado, green beans, cheerio's, and squash (spread out over her three meals).  She doesn't have any teeth yet but "chews" up the food and we didn't have any choking or gagging so she is defiantly ready.  She still isn't picking up foods to eat, but will hold her mum-mum's or Gerber snacks and eat those.

Tomorrow is her last swim lesson.  She's been doing great and loves it.  She kicks and does a little doggie paddle movement.  She also will put her face in the water on her own now.  Every time I blow bubbles she just puts her face right in.  I think she's going to love the water just like her mommy!

This past weekend Annabelle attended her first baby shower (on the outside) and her first Halloween party.  The pictures of her in the fancy dress were from before the baby shower.  I bought her that dress last year and was glad we had somewhere to wear it to.  We have a few more Halloween parties and events to go to.  I unfortunately didn't get any good pictures of her on Sunday in her costume.  I will make sure to get one of her standing next time.   The other pics are pretty self explanitory, mostly Annabelle playing and being silly as always.


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