Saturday, May 26, 2012

17 Months Old

The past month has been such fun one, making us look forward even more to the summer!  There was my birthday, mother's day, numerous play dates including one at our house, trips to the zoo & many other fun days with our friends!  

This month we started pool therapy once a week at CP Rochester.  It's only been three weeks but I think I'm seeing some real progress from it.  The pool is a warm 94 degrees and she does different things like walking with weights on her ankles and balancing on little boards.  This week we start Assisted Technology Therapy which we are very excited for.  This is going to give her the technology to be able to communicate more with us what her wants and needs are, beyond her signing.  

Annabelle has begun to shake her head yes & no for everything.  She started with yes then a few days later shook her head no.  Now most of her responses are no but we still get yes for a few questions.  She's also turning pages in her board books.  She really likes to participate more and now wants to read all the time.  She sometimes just sits and "reads" her books on her own, mainly the fabric books.  The other big milestone for us this month is that Annabelle has been pulling herself up to her knees on a regular basis on her toys and the stairs.  Then just a few days ago she was on her knees and pulled herself up to standing.  We are on our way to walking, we don't think that crawling is going to happen since she dislikes it so much and loves to walk.

This month we also had a neurology appointment which went well.  She did see some movements & along with my concerns of absence seizures ordered an EEG.  She had that done the following week and there is no sign of seizure activity!   Friday Annabelle woke up with a cough and congestion, we got into the doctor and she has another ear infection and croop :(  She's on medication now, I just feel so bad for her, she doesn't even complain.  Such a little trooper!!

Annabelle is already doing better from the steroids so we are heading out on the boat today for a little bit, then have some fun planed with friends tomorrow.  I think Monday we will just relax and enjoy some family time.  Next weekend we are looking forward to our Stroll for Strong walk.  Hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!


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