Saturday, December 15, 2012

2 years old!

I've been so far behind on posting to the blog (once again).  It just seems like by the time I get a second to sit down Annabelle is back up from her nap.  Today I had a few minutes so I thought I would post an update on everything that has been going on and our exciting news.  

First an update on her milestones.  In the past month Annabelle has been very busy.  She pulled herself up to standing on her own, started cruising a little, sat on her own from laying down, and started holding her own sippy cup (sometimes).  It just seems like her little muscles got the memo on what they should be doing and everything came together very quickly.  She has even tried climbing the stairs!  She is primarily getting around the house sitting and scooting on her bottom, very quickly.  When I hold her to walk she wants to just take off.  One of these days I think she might just start running, bypassing crawling and walking.

Our big news is that we had our last home therapy on Friday and Annabelle is starting school on Thursday at CP Rochester!  It's an Early Intervention 2 day a week program for 2-3 year olds with special needs.  She will receive all her therapies there (PT, OT, Special Ed, Speech, AT, Pool PT, music, & gym).  This will make our Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday open to do anything we want.  I'm so excited because most weeks we don't have one day off let alone three!   I really think this is a great move for us and hopefully she will thrive even more with a center based program.  She has a new backpack and sneakers all ready to go.  I'm sure I'll have 100 pictures of her first day to post.  

Tuesday is Annabelle's official 2nd birthday but we decided to have her birthday party on the 9th so it wouldn't be right on top of Christmas.  We had her party at Chuck E Cheese and I believe there was 22 kids total!  It was so much fun and Annabelle really enjoyed herself with the exception of the huge mouse that tried to put a crown on her head.  She wasn't very fond of Santa or Frosty this year either although I can understand why it's scary!  She received so many wonderful presents and I was reminded how loved this little girl is when I looked around the tables of everyone there to celebrate our little girl!  We are just so lucky to have so many wonderful friends & we love them all!!

I didn't go back too far for pictures, just to Halloween.  Looks like my last blog was Zoo Boo earlier in October.  On Halloween we went to Strong Museum for toddler trick or treating.  Moving forward I'm going to try to post more often!  I will have Christmas, birthday & first day of school pics in the next week so I'll be sure to post them as well.  


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Grandma Linda said...

Have a very special day Tuesday with Mommy and Daddy...Happy Birthday Sweetie <3. We LOVE YOU!