Friday, February 8, 2013

Florida Vacation

We took our first flight with Annabelle at the end of January to visit Brian's parents in Florida.  We went for 8 days and had a wonderful time.  Annabelle did great on all the flights!  She was a little fussy on the flight down, I thought it was because of lack of sleep or cabin pressure but we found out when we got down there that she had an ear infection.  After a couple days of antibiotics she was good as new and did great on the flight home!

While in Florida we had a great time swimming in the pool almost everyday and even took a day to go to the Shell Factory and Nature Center.  Annabelle got to pet and feed goats and sheep, she wasn't sure about it at first but enjoyed it after we fed a few.  We saw all kinds of birds, animals and of course alligators.  They also had a dinosaur area and a nice park with swings.  

Next Thursday (Valentines day) Annabelle is going to have hip surgery to help position her hip to hopefully start growing around the ball of the femur properly.  After surgery we will be in the hospital for a few days and she will be in a cast for 6 weeks so it will give her the time to heal.  Everyone keeps telling us that it's harder on the parents than the children, I really hope that is true.  

All the pictures are from our trip and are pretty self explanatory   I will try to update the blog after surgery to let everyone know how she is doing.


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Grandma Linda said...

Love the pics.....what fun!