Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Happy Spring!

Even though there is snow coming down today we have had a few nice spring days this past week.  The best news of the spring is that Annabelle has been walking all around, getting stronger everyday!  I can't wait to get all her summer toys out to play in the back yard.  Brian did put up her swing the other day and she enjoyed it like she has previous summers.

The past two months have been filled with playdates, birthday parties, and fun!  There have also been numerous doctors appointments.  Some of the updates:

  • Eye appointment - no glasses needed, everything looks good and her eye veering off to the side is completely cosmetic (which can be corrected when she gets older if it's still there).
  • Developmental Pediatrician - she was very happy with Annabelle's progress.  Had an OT come in to look at the way she twists her arm inward and we ordered supinator bands to hook onto her hand splints to help her open her hand (they are the purple velcro that are in some pictures, her hand splints are pink).
  • Endocrinology - we are having some more blood testing done to make sure her slowed growth isn't more of an issue than just being a cute little peanut.
  • Nutrition - we are doing everything possible, she gave us a few new ideas to keep bulking up the calories, have to go back in June to meet with her and GI.
  • Orthotics - her SMO's (small foot braces) are still fitting well so 6 more months before she needs to have them checked again unless she goes up another shoe size.

Writing that all out seems like a lot looking back over the past 2 months.  She definitely keeps me busy.  Along with all this she is also still doing horse therapy & music therapy weekly, which she loves both!  I found a stable in Webster that does horse therapy through the summer so she will be doing therapy there every other week for a 15 week session.

We also have had a visitor from California.  His name is Flat Stanley and he came from a PMG friend, Sean.  It's a book the kids read then send Stanley out and it is also a geography project as they see all the places in the world he visits.  You will see him in a few pictures, he has been having lots of fun here in Rochester (even with all the snow).

 In her learning tower looking cute

At Strong Kirsch Center for Dev. Ped.  - she found the toys right away while we waited

Making food choices, she is getting good at using this for communication along with signing 

Annabelle, Flat Stanley and Noah at music therapy 

Music therapy - Annabelle was the horse

Annabelle at her friend Julia's birthday party

Annabelle got to hold a snake, she loved it!

Hanging in the car before school 

Taking Flat Stanley to school for show and tell

Annabelle's preschool class with flat Stanley

Our snow pile, all gone now :)

Brian & Annabelle went down the big fun slide at an indoor fair

St Patrick's Day parade in her kid walk

Walking into the playroom

Walking with a balloon

being silly with glasses (from our dress up bin)

Her new easel

chalkboard side

forward facing big girl now :)

 1st wagon ride of the year

Feeding Clyde from her spoon 

First swing of 2014

Riding cars on the deck

Her rocket, scooting all around!

Tricycle ride

Working on Easter crafts

Easter package - she even got to open it early ;-)

Playing her new game from Grandma Linda & Papa Eric


Anonymous said...

She sure is busy! Reminds ne of a girl that keeps ne busy! Glad to hear how well Annabelle is doing!
Love Aunt Tina, Uncle Curt, Syd and Curtis,

Unknown said...

What a cutie....Papa and I will see you soon. <3. Happy Easter <3