Monday, June 23, 2014

Crazy busy weekend!

Things have been going well.  As time goes on Annabelle is walking more and with more confidence.  This week is our last week of the school year then we have 2 weeks off before the summer session begins.  June 4th we had our CPSE meeting for the 2014-15 school year and all of our requested services were approved :)

On Thursday Brian bought a new guitar which totally made Annabelle's day.  She loves playing guitar in music therapy and was so happy to get to play at home now.

We decided that rather than having birthday parties the week before Christmas and her be overwhelmed with a ton of presents we would start having her birthday party on her 1/2 birthday which is June 18th.  It's also much easier to have a dairy free environment at our home rather than at an indoor facility in winter.  We had a Disney Jr. party for her Saturday afternoon.  Lots of her friends came and had a wonderful time.  It was a beautiful day, 70's and sunny all day.

Sunday Annabelle rode in her first horse show.  She did great at all the games they played and even won a purple ribbon.  After we had some lunch and she did some dancing with the other kids then we did a stroll & roll 1 mile walk to benefit the Equicenter where we do horse therapy weekly.  Another beautiful day, perfect for being outdoors all weekend!

We also got her a big birthday present now rather than right before Christmas.  We got her a little Mercedes-Benz to ride around in.  It came with controls in the car and a separate remote for us to control it since she has trouble steering and holding down the gas peddle right now.

As always I apologize for the pics being out of order, I upload them in order then blogger mixes them up to some random order.  Also, there are a ton of pics (I think 100 total).  Just so many great ones and such a wonderful weekend I wanted to share them all <3

Annabelle right before the her horse show Sunday

mini photo shoot on the side of the house

the announcer for the show

Carrying her cup for the cup game

Receiving her ribbon

Out on the dance floor

Dakota and Sherif JJ from the Monroe County Sheriff's department

All ready for the walk

Veterans program, many vets ride at the Equicenter for PTSD

Jamming with daddy

Getting the party started - 100% dairy free :)

waiting for her friends to come

Annabelle's princess Sofia cake (my first fancy cake)

loved the cake! 

Annabelle & Julia

Annabelle, Julia & Grace

Ella, Annabelle, Julia, Grace & Amy 

parachute fun <3

Opening presents

pool of tissue paper!

kids loved the bubbles!

Brand new Mercedes-Benz (only time we will say that to her LOL)

Goes up to 4mph!

learning how to play music and honk the horn

playing with her new play-doh from Grace 

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