Friday, September 2, 2016

NYS Fair 2016

We had a great day at the NYS Fair!  Annabelle loved all the animals, the rides and got to see some Paw Patrol (not inside, that was a 3-4 hour wait!!).

In front of the paw patrol truck

Annabelle with Marshall (his side - wasn't waiting in line for a pic)

The pig races

She was so excited, she asked about pigs on the way there

No idea who these guys were but they looked cool

Our first ride!

Love this one, Annabelle just loved the ferris wheel!!

Top of the world - LOL

That smile just melts my heart!

She was so very excited to get her face painted!

There is just so many things wrong in this picture!

This is Paw Patrol for those without kids ;-)

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