Friday, April 17, 2020

Quarantine week 5

It's been 5 weeks since Annabelle has been at school, hard to believe it has been that long.  The time is flying by, we are so busy all day from 5am till bedtime at 8pm.  School has been giving assignments along with therapy ideas and even specials (art, music, & PE).  I now understand why there are a team of 10 people teaching Annabelle, it's exhausting and at some times overwhelming!

We know that we will not be going back to school before May 15th but we are speculating that they won't go back until September.  It's just too risky to send all the kids back when they are in such close contact all day.  Our new normal isn't so bad.  We have our schedule, Brian has been working from home since day 1, and we have the love & support of so many friends & family.  Stay healthy!

Our neighbor brought these over for Annabelle, addition & subtraction practice. 
She loves just clicking them all up and down which makes for great OT practice.

On nice days we try to get outside for a few hours in the afternoon. 
We go on lots of walks and also play some soccer.

Chalking together is another favorite past time, can't wait for it to get warmer!

We bought a butterfly growing kit so we have been talking about their life cycle and doing lots of worksheets.  She loved listening to the caterpillar song while we talked about them.

Annabelle loves music so we made a guitar.  
She used it for her next Facebook live music therapy class.

We had foam easter egg coloring.  She loved playing in it.

Obstacle course fun

Another go at it

Putting on makeup while on FB messenger with Grandma Linda <3 

Working on typing sentences, she always slows down when I video her.

After many tries we came up with a great system for a schedule.  The pink folder is our morning then I pull off the pics and put together our afternoon / evening.  She loves knowing what is going on all day.  There is also a reward sheet, when she gets 5 stars she can play on FB messenger with her friends.

Reorganized the table to hold our work, iPads, schedule, folders, and slant board.

Making banana bread

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