Saturday, December 19, 2020

Quarantine week 40

 This past Friday Annabelle turned 10.  I was so tired of people complaining how horrible birthdays were during COVID that I made it my mission to make this birthday AB's best!  I planned a parade for Saturday with all her friends, Santa, fire, police, emts.  Then I invited her 4 closest friends to a zoom birthday on Friday night.  We made cupcakes and delivered them along with goodies to each girl the day before.  Finally, I made a scavenger hunt to find her presents with 12 clues.  We also did face time with family to open presents together.  She had so much fun and said it was the best ever!!  

We also decorated cookies, looked at a bunch of cool lights, went to the Orthodontist, decorated the birthday tree, made some birthday shirts, baked cupcakes, decorated ornaments, and played in the snow!  I'm amazed at how busy we stay while rarely ever leaving the house.

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