Saturday, January 30, 2021

Quarantine week 46

 This week we went to our annual ortho appointment to check Annabelle's hips.  The surgery in 2019 was a complete success and they are now growing nicely so hopefully she won't have issues as she gets older.

Our January Jammies drive is almost at the end, we have collected 245 pair to donate to the Golisano Children's Hospital.  A few more people have said they are dropping off some before we do the big drop off this week!  

Brian went to get his first COVID vaccine this past Tuesday.  He goes for his second in 3 weeks.  No major side effects other than a little soreness in his arm.  

The other big news is that Annabelle will be starting full day school 5 days a week on Monday!  It was a decision we have been talking about for awhile but wanted to wait until after the holidays and see how it went.  After looking at the schools numbers, lack of spread in the schools, & county COVID cases we decided it was time.  She is struggling with doing work at home, this will give her a solid 6 hours in school to interact and play with her peers and give her the afternoon for in class learning.  There are only 5 other kids in her class so we hope everyone will stay healthy!  She is so very excited, I'm excited I will have a little more time between the drop off & pick up.

Peppa Pig chutes and ladders 

SO excited about all the PJs

Our craft room, spending lots of time in here lately

Monkey math

Loves playing LOLs

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