Saturday, March 6, 2021

Quarantine week 51

 It's such a strange time, people are getting vaccinated everyday but living normal still seems so far away for us.  Children are still not getting the vaccine so until that happens or we reach herd immunity I don't see how things can get back to even close to normal.  We need to continue to stay vigilant for Annabelle and to keep her safe.  

States are opening, dropping mask mandates, people want schools open full time (a lot are pushing no masks).  I LOVE masks, Annabelle has had one little cold that lasted 3 days since September.  No strep, no flu induced pneumonia, no ear infections, no colds that last months.  I'm sorry, but masks for kids is the best thing to keep them healthy!  I'm shocked at how healthy she has been, it's been an amazing year for that.

Beautiful moon rising over the pool

Science experiments 

Music therapy

making soaps

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