Sunday, December 17, 2023

December 2023 - the month we got Covid

It took 3 years and 9 months but Covid finally hit our home for the first time.  Luckily it's a very mild strain with Brian having light flu symptoms, me having a cough with some fatigue, and Annabelle taking it like a champ with no symptoms and full of her regular energy (including waking up at 4:30 every morning).  The good news is that now we will have the antibodies needed to get us through the winter months! 

Getting sick in December is not ideal, we had to cancel and move around a lot of things for the next week.  Annabelle was super bummed to miss her first cheer competition and be sick on her birthday but we were not going to let Covid get us down.  We have played games, cuddled, watched movies, gave checkups to so many stuffies, played Gabby's Dollhouse, decorated for AB's birthday, made new treats, worked on gingerbread houses, opened birthday presents early, and tonight drove around to look at Christmas lights.  

Tomorrow was supposed to be Annabelle's spa birthday party so we are doing a home spa with just the 3 of us instead.  Also thinking we could make some cookies and watch another Christmas movie.  Annabelle can go back to school on Thursday and her teacher said they would celebrate her birthday then.  So instead of one day she gets a whole week of celebrations!  

As always, trying to look at the bright side of an unfortunate situation we can't change.  Extra time spent together, lots of home activities (thankful I start buying holiday stuff as soon as it hits the shelves, or leftover from last years after Christmas sales), and we are all feeling good!  So much to be grateful for <3 

My silly girl, love all the cuddles and hugs

Day 1 the elves came masked to bake, we still need to make these cookies

Loves playing cash register, checking prices on all her fidgets

Making me some ice cream and practicing speech

Thursday morning
Friday Morning
We always make a floor bed when sick, Bug loves it too!

Jingles & Maya day!

Playing Gabbys dollhouse, her favorite!

Secretly using our fun to work on speech

So grateful for our time together, even when sick

Pandy was having a birthday party in the dollhouse

Opening an early birthday present from our sweet neighbors

Hanging in daddy's office - blanket, pillow, iPad, communication device and dog bed

She loves PB&J, made with a PC press my mom gave me

Working on our 3rd gingerbread house

Daddy took a break to help

Early birthday present because why not?

Gabbys Dollhouse kitty fairy toy

Taking the elves to look at Christmas lights

One of my favorites!

Beautiful house done to pixels, a favorite in Victor

At this house we even saw Santa & Elvis!!

Last hug for the elves before saying goodnight.  No touching them tomorrow!

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