Saturday, March 26, 2011

14 weeks

This week we had our first Physical Therapy session with Danielle from Early Intervention.  It was very informative and Annabelle did great, she played about 45 minutes then was tired out.  Danielle gave us a few short term goals to work on like side lying (not a favorite) & tummy time with her elbows out farther.  We spent all week working on our goals and having lots of fun.  Usually about 30 - 40 minutes is enough before Annabelle gets tired, then she takes a nice long 1-2 hour nap afterward.

Last Friday we had to go to the doctor because Annabelle lost 2 ounces since her last appointment (Brian bought me a scale to weigh her on a couple times a week to make sure she's gaining weight).  The doctor recommended we start adding formula to breast milk and if needed supplementing a couple formula bottles weekly to add calories to her meals because my supply was low.  We started right away and things were going fairly well until Thursday night when I noticed a rash on Annabelle's arms & legs.  Friday morning it was worse and I was very concerned but figured it was the formula since that was the only change in the past week.  We had an appointment to check her weight that afternoon and it turns out she was allergic to the formula so we had to get a special formula that the lactose is broken down.  The good news is that she actually went from 10lbs last Friday to 10lbs 15oz this Friday!  She gained almost an entire pound in a week.  We gave her a little Benadryl per the doctor and the rash was gone this morning.

I've included some fun pictures from the past week.  Today we went to the mall and I bought her little velcro bows for her hair, they are so cute!  I also bought tiny little hair clips but her hair is still to thin for them.  I have a feeling she is going to have lots of different hair things and styles, no surprise since Grandma Linda is a hairdresser and when I was little how my hair was always different.  I also included a picture of her looking in the mirror, she is starting to be fascinated by that mirror and will just stare at it & smile, a lot of times giving me time to get dressed in the morning.  The one non-baby shot is of the snow we got this past Wednesday, we stayed in that day!


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I love the pic with the bow in her hair!