Sunday, June 5, 2011

24 weeks

This week we moved on from regular rice cereal to trying organic brown rice, banana, sweet potato, and today carrots.  Of course each one was done 3 days apart to watch for any allergies.  So far Annabelle has liked everything I've made for her, something I hope continues.  I decided to make all of her food rather than buying canned, it's really not taking that much time.  I can make extra then refrigerate two days worth and fill an ice cube tray and freeze the rest, each one is a one ounce serving. 

We also went to the park this week for a meet up with other mommy's and babies that are around Annabelle's age.  She went on the swings for the first time.  I took a couple pictures, she's still a little small for them but we did swing a tiny bit and she enjoyed them. 

Today we went to the Fairport Canal Days and Annabelle got to ride in her new big girl stroller.  She seemed to like being able to sit up and look around at everything.  After that we stopped at the YMCA and joined so we can start swimming (and mommy can work out more).  I can't wait to get her in the pool for the first time, we will be sure to take lots of pictures!

Most of the pictures are of her eating all the new foods.  There are also a couple of her in her exersaucer, she's finally starting to enjoy being in it and can just touch the bottom.  There is also a picture of her in her new stroller.


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Uncle Curt & Aunt Tina said...

Adorable! Looks like she is enjoying her food!