Tuesday, July 12, 2011

28 / 29 Weeks

It's been a very busy couple of weeks so I haven't had the time to post, not even just pictures.  We have gotten out on the boat a few more times, Annabelle is really enjoying it.  She even dipped her feet & legs into the lake to cool down before taking a nap in her tent.  It's a lot different to go boating with a baby but I'm enjoying it more.  It's so much fun to show her the water, sand, and all the nature around us. 

We have also been spending a lot of time working with a trainer to help Clyde with his anxiety problems.  The training is going well, it's obviously a work in progress so hopefully soon he will be calmer when introduced to new people.  He's still wonderful with Annabelle and loves her, it's just others that we are worried about.

Annabelle has been very busy too.  She has started rolling all over the place including in her crib.  It was only the first couple nights that I would wake up and check on her a few times on the web cam to make sure she was ok.  Seems like most nights she's on her side / tummy within 5 minutes and is happy sleeping in that position for most of the night.  She has also started putting a lot of weight on her little legs, really enjoying the exersaucer and step & play piano.  On top of all that she's starting to grab toys and pick them up along with using her arms a lot more.  We had PT this morning for the first time in two weeks and Danielle was very impressed with all of the progress she has made in such a short time. 

We had house guests this past week.  Pete and Breanne came up from NJ and had their 2 1/2 month old Billy with them.  They stayed with us Tuesday through Sunday.  Pete and Brian worked on our landscaping and did a fantastic job.  Breanne and I had tons of fun playing with the babies and going for walks.  We think Annabelle talked to Billy about sleeping because he had his first night without getting up while they were here.  We also shared different games we play so we have new things to do.

This past Saturday we had a nice party / BBQ with some friends.  I got Annabelle a princess pool so she could have a pool party.  Turned out it was a little cool in the evening so the babies all just dipped their feet in it.  She went in it on Sunday although it still needed warmed up a little bit.  Brian also hung a swing for Annabelle in the tree out back, she loves to swing on it!  If she is fussy at all I can take her out there and she starts laughing when we swing, the higher the better!  Sunday we had professional pictures done again, this time of all three of us.  We met Karen from Field's Imaging out at the beach / park in Webster so they will be very summery shots.  Can't wait to get them back and share them.

Lots of pictures, tons of Miss Annabelle of course.  A few with daddy & Annabelle including my favorite of him reading to her before bed.  There are also a few of her in her 4th of July outfits from Grandma Linda and PaPa Eric.  There are also some of her enjoying the new swing and pool.


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Beautiful little bathing beauty!