Sunday, September 11, 2011

38 Weeks

Things are going great here in Rochester!  We went for our first carousel ride at the mall last Sunday and Annabelle had her first pig tails.  I've included a few other favorite pictures from the week.  I love the one that she's looking down at Clyde from her high chair.  I just happened to catch that.  We are headed out for what may be our last boat ride of the season this afternoon. 


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Aunt Winnie said...

Dear Annabelle,From your photos,weI can see that you had lots of fun with Mommy on the carousel. Your big smile is a joy to see! We know you must have had a great trip to Maryland too. If you have some photos of your trip, please be sure to post them to share. We wish that we could see you in person. Please give lots of good slobbery kisses to your Mommy and Daddy for us!Love,Aunt Winnie and Uncle Bill