Sunday, September 4, 2011

37 Weeks

I have lots of pictures to share from the past week but not much in news.  Things are going well, Annabelle is getting stronger and closer to sitting on her own everyday.  She is also trying so hard to crawl but her arms just haven't caught up to her legs.  Everyone says not to rush it because once she takes off she won't stop.  She's now into 6-9 month clothes although she still fits in some of her bigger 3-6 month.  I can see she defiantly went through a growth spurt from her monthly bear picture.  She's now almost 16 pounds! 

There are some Penn State pictures of her, all ready for game day yesterday.  The cheerleader outfit is still a little big (12 month) but I couldn't help myself, just love it!  Her and Clyde have become best buds, he's so gentle with her.  He loves to hang out near us when we are playing on the floor.  He's always very interested but still doesn't bother her toys.  She has started to eat her MumMum's on her own, "crackers" that dissolve in her mouth to prevent choking, I included some pictures of her eating them.  We are still working on the little puffs but that's still a bit advanced for her.  There are some other pics of new outfits and one of her & her friend Chloe playing on the gym mats while mommy had exercise class (it's with the mommy & baby group we belong to).  Other than that we are looking forward to starting all of our Fall classes next week.  I'm sure we will have lots of pictures to share!


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