Thursday, December 1, 2011

49/50 Weeks

I missed a week while we were in Erie for Thanksgiving.  We had a wonderful time with my parents and my brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew.  Sydney, my niece helped feed and change Annabelle and both Curtis, my nephew, and Sydney held and played with her, they had lots of fun.  Annabelle got her first birthday gift from them in case they can't make it to Rochester for her birthday party (depends on the weather).  She got a set of gripper blocks which she liked playing with and will for a long time. 

While we were in Erie we had a few firsts.  My mom gave Annabelle her first haircut.  It wasn't to much, just straightening out her bangs so they didn't go in her eyes.  She also sat on Santa's lap at the Festival of Trees in Santa's castle.  She didn't think much of him and honestly neither did we.  He wasn't a very jolly or round Santa.  We are going to try it again at the mall and at Breakfast with Frosty next weekend.  Finally, Annabelle made her first trip to Jimmy Z's!  For those of you who are not familiar with Jimmy's, it's the local bar / restaurant that Brian and I hung out at throughout college and when we went back to visit.  Annabelle was her usual self when we are out.  She sat in the high chair looking around, eating her mum mums and smiling at everyone.

Annabelle is now waving to almost everyone, sometimes with both hands!  She is still working on the crawling but from the pictures you will see that she has the form down.  Now we just have to move forward :-)  I picked out a bunch of pictures from Erie, we took over 200 between my mom and I.  I also included a picture of Clyde and Apollo, they let me hang a wreath on them and take a picture while I was decorating.  It's hard to think about Christmas since we have Miss Annabelle's first birthday party to plan and get through first.  That only leaves us a week till Christmas.  Luckily we have all of our birthday / Christmas shopping done so we can just enjoy this special month!  Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the holiday season.


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Annabelle Kresge said...

It might be, she was at the Festival of Trees in Erie so it's defiantly possible :-) She was so sweet!