Saturday, December 10, 2011

51 weeks

Well, this is my last blog post with having a little girl who is an infant.  Next week I will be the mommy of a toddler!!  Today was actually my due date, Annabelle just wasn't ready for the world yet.  It's been a crazy year looking back, many ups and downs but with all the problems we have faced we still couldn't be happier to have Annabelle in our lives.  She is such an amazing little girl and tries so hard everyday to accomplish things that many children are just able to do without effort.  I think this is going to make her a very determined girl who knows that anything is possible when you try your hardest.  I also think we are going to see some big things coming soon, she's getting very close and is starting to get more motivation.

This past week has been another very busy one for us.  Last Saturday we met some friends, who also have a little one Annabelle's age, and took them to a holiday lights parade.   All the local fire departments decorate their trucks, local high school marching bands, and then of course Santa at the end.  The weather wasn't to bad, it was chilly but not snowing.  Both girls enjoyed all the lights and activity.  We had our boater appreciation Holiday party on Monday.  The marina that we dock the boat at hosted a wonderful party and showed us some of the renovations they are planning for the next couple years.  Annabelle was a hit, she wore the little blue sailor dress (pictures below) which was perfect for the event.  Last night my moms group had a charity event to benefit Alternatives for Battered Women, a local shelter for women and children here in Rochester.  Annabelle was all dressed in her Christmas best and although tired toward the end, she was still so well behaved.  I did catch the sad lip as I was getting her changed for bed so I had to include that one because it's such a cute sad face!

Other than that, I've just been busy decorating for her birthday party & Christmas.  I think I'm about done with the exception of last minute details.  I'm sure I will have lots of pictures to post next week! 


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