Sunday, April 22, 2012

16 Months Old

As usual I can't believe a month has passed since my last blog.  We have had some unusually beautiful weather here in Rochester so we have spent lots of time outside on walks and trips to the park.  Annabelle got her 4th molar this past month, seems like the teething slowed down a bit which was a nice break for her.  Her appetite was decreasing when she was teething and we can't have that.  She's already a little peanut weighing in at 18lbs, 3oz at her 15 month appointment.  The doctors are not worried because she is following her own little curve right around the 3rd %tile line.  As long as she keeps gaining, that's what's important.  She also got sick for the first time the past month, she had an ear infection and was on antibiotics.  She's much better now and was finally able to get her 15 month shots this past week.

Our big milestone this month is that she started doing a little army crawl last Tuesday!  She is still rolling around to get across the room but she is starting to use those arms more and more which is wonderful to see.  Her preferred method of movement is still for us to walk with her.  She will scoot over to me and try to grab my hands to help her stand up and walk around.  She loves standing, even if it's just at the coffee table or couch playing with toys.  

She is starting to do more signing for communication.  The other day during lunch she signed milk, I got her sippy cup and she drank it up.  She still can't hold her cup on her own, each time she wanted a drink she would sign milk so I would give it to her.  

Last weekend I had minor surgery and I had to stay overnight at the hospital.  My parents came up to help out with Annabelle so Brian could be at the hospital with me.  This was my first night ever away from her and I really missed her.  My girlfriend brought me a beautiful picture she took of Annabelle to take with me to the hospital which was nice to have.  Everyone that came in the room commented on what a cutie she is.  She did great, she actually didn't realize I was gone until I got home.  When she saw me she started to cry and reach out for me.  She didn't let me out of her sight after that for awhile.  

While my parents were here my mom gave Annabelle her first official haircut.  She has gotten her bangs trimmed a couple times but this time we cut the back so it was even.  Her baby hair was very long on either side and was starting to fall out so I wanted to get it cut to save it.  After we cut it it was curly and looked so cute!  

Lots of pictures as always, most are self explanatory.  We ended up going to see the Easter Bunny twice, the first time she was ok with him but the second time are the crying pictures.  


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