Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Long Update - surgery, cast, etc

Things have been so busy that I kept getting further and further away from updating the blog.  Which in turn makes it seem like such a huge job rather than quick updates.  Now I'm faced with an update from March to June.

March 19th Annabelle had her hip surgery and was put into a spica cast.  The doctor said the surgery was a textbook one.  Everything went perfect and nothing extra had to be done.  After the surgery we were admitted into the hospital for 4 days.  We could have gone home earlier but Annabelle wasn't eating or going to the bathroom so we had to stay until she was.  It was a very long four days with very little sleep for either of us.

Once we got home she slept a lot for the first few days then things got a bit more difficult.  I had to carry her everywhere, couldn't sit her down except in her special chair or bean bag, and because she couldn't eat enough & couldn't move she would be up 1-3 times a night.  It was a long 4 weeks but we were expecting 6 weeks so we were very thankful when the doctor said she was healing so well it would come off at 4 weeks.

After the cast came off it didn't take very long before Annabelle was getting around again.  She's back to pulling up on everything to stand up and recently started cruising along furniture!  We were very excited she's hit this new milestone, hopefully walking isn't too far off.

I know that we have done a ton of other things since March but nothing really stands out.  We started Drum class at Luvaboos with some friends, a new OT music class, and lots of doctors appointments.  We also did our annual March of Dimes and Stroll for Strong walks to raise money for babies and our local children's hospital.  We are now looking forward to lots of fun cookouts and outdoor play dates for the summer!

Now to totally overload you with pics from the past 3 months :-)  I will try to keep the updates more frequent from now on.

 At Sesame Street Live 

 Right after surgery in recovery.

 We didn't let the cast keep us down!  On the move in the jogging stroller.

 Our eating solution since she didn't fit in her high chair

 taking the cast off!
 After the cast was removed she was still in some pain, Clyde kept a close eye on her.

 Playing dress up at school

 Glow stick bath
 fun in the tulips

 Lilly pad / pond bath

 we had lots of fun finger painting
 showing her muscles
 EEG - refused to sleep so we ended up having a 24 hour one (below)

 Went to see Gary the Happy Pirate at the Lilac Festival

 March of Dimes

 More 24 hour EEG pics

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