Sunday, June 23, 2013

Summer is here!

After a very strange up & down spring it seems as though summer has finally found us!  The past few days have been beautiful and we have taken advantage of them.

This morning we headed out on the boat and enjoyed a couple hours of sun on the water.  When we got back to the marina Annabelle decided to climb up on the seat!  This was the first time she's climbed on anything and I was lucky enough to catch it with my camera (and for Brian to get to see it).  We are so proud of her and hope this is just one more step toward her walking soon.  She has also been pulling up on everything and cruising all around the house so she's definitely keeping us on our toes.

Brian's dad came up and replaced the front window of our house along with adding some trim to the garage and tile on the side of the house for our trash cans.  Brian enjoyed having his dad here and getting to do a project with him once again this year.  It really looks great and I'm sure it will save some heat & A/C because our old window was original and really lost a lot of inside air.

We are heading to Jacksonville, FL this week for a PMG conference.  It's a conference for families with kids that have PMG (Annabelle primary diagnosis).  Last we checked there was 26 families going so we are really looking forward to meeting everyone and attending some seminars and on Saturday Annabelle will be doing some horse therapy and we are going to the zoo.  I'm sure I'll have a post after our trip.  Hope everyone is well and enjoying some nice weather!

Father's Day pic this year

Going for a bike ride

Playing dress up

Standing over Clyde

So sweet, Father's Day fun!

Brian & his dad in front of the new window


Popping bubbles, concentrating hard

Loved the boat!

Annabelle helping daddy drive

Fun morning in the sun

She brought me a diaper, laid down & danced.  Sure enough, she needed a diaper change!

Crawling up on the boat seat, so proud of herself & we were over the moon excited!

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