Saturday, August 24, 2013

Trip to Maryland

Last Saturday we packed up the car with Annabelle, Clyde, Apollo, Brian and me and headed to Maryland to visit Brian's parents.  It's amazing how much luggage a 2 year old requires, pack n play, high chair, stroller, clothes, diapers, toys, etc.  Thankfully we have the car top carrier so the dogs can come with us in the back of the Tucson.

We had a wonderful visit and even got out on the boat two days.  We headed home on Thursday so Annabelle could get back to school Friday.  Such a great time & got some great pics.

On our way!  Thanks to a friend, Annabelle had a DVD player to watch movies for the 8 hour ride.

Took a walk down to the marina

Silly girl as the dogs watch on

Out on the boat 

 Loved her float that PopPop got her for our 2nd day out

 Morning smiles

Daddy crashed with the dogs for a short nap

Annabelle and her sidekick Clyde

Playing and watching Disney Jr

Cuddles with Clyde

She was laying on his paws, he doesn't mind

Rides on PopPop's golf cart

Ready to go :)

 Heading to the barn

Sat on the tractor in the barn 

So big

Relaxing on the hammock

Kitchen sink bath, might be the last year we can do this.

Caught in the act - feeding Apollo from the table

Playing with PopPop

loves the boat

Perfect day :) 

Snack on the water 

Playing with daddy

Using Clyde to practice standing 

He's the best dog!

Playing with PopPop while I took the dogs out in the morning 

Cutest bathroom ever at rest area, "mommy & me" with a built in seat to hold her and tiny potty

Picnic lunch at the rest stop on our way home

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