Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend in Erie

We headed to Erie this past weekend to visit Grandma Linda and Papa Eric.  We were excited that we even got to see Uncle Curt, Aunt Tina, Sydney and Curtis!  It was a fantastic weekend that of course went by too fast!  We are planning on going back for Thanksgiving weekend so it won't be very long before we get to visit again.

Even though it rained almost all day Saturday we made it to the zoo in the afternoon.  Since it was cool and rainy we had the zoo almost to ourselves :).  It was lots of fun even though some of the animals were already put away for the evening.

On Sunday Grandma gave Annabelle another hair cut.  It looks so cute, she cut the end of the baby hair that was over 1/2 way down her back so now it's all even.  We were not sure if we cut it if the curls would still be there and they are!

We got back yesterday and spent some time cutting up a big bag of pears from PaPa's tree for the crockpot.  We also have two bags of apples he picked for us, need to make those tomorrow.  We will have lots of applesauce and pear sauce to get us through the winter!

Opening presents

 Loves her new Minnie Mouse jacket

Fits perfect and it's 2T :)  Getting big!

Sitting with PaPa

Fun at the Erie Zoo

 Watching the alligator

 Our little penguin

Part of the Simpson family

Brian stood in for Homer

Watching videos with grandma and giving her hugs and kisses

Grandma teaching Annabelle how to play piano early

Best smile was a blurry pic

Grandma giving Annabelle a haircut

Curls are still there 

big stairs compared to home!

Daddy helping her go up

Clyde was happy when Annabelle was downstairs with him

Ready to go home
 Cute little smile

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