Friday, April 3, 2015

Spring Break

We have had a wonderful spring break week!  It started with an Easter egg hunt and two birthday parties.  This week we have been hanging low.  Tuesday was the first weekday this year we didn't have anything scheduled, it was amazing to just hang out!  We have had a couple play dates and still had one therapy today (daddy even came with us which was a nice treat).

We have some sad family news.  On March 23 we had to put down our 15 year old dog, Apollo.  He was in a lot of pain and having trouble getting up and walking.  As hard as it was to come to the decision, it was even more painful to see him having so much trouble and living a life with constant pain.  Annabelle was very matter of fact with it all but still does not understand the concept of death.  Someday she will understand and see the pictures of her with him and realize the love they had for each other.

The past two days have been so beautiful, yesterday into the 70's and today in the 60's.  Unfortunately we have snow in the forecast for tomorrow.  It was a nice sneak peek of spring and reminds us we are almost there!  Both days we were out for walks, playing, and enjoying the weather.

Monday we are back to school and our crazy schedule.  I think both of us almost missed the running this week.  Although Annabelle did nap every day this week which is not the norm when we have school.  I think the 20 minute ride to and from school is enough down time that she doesn't want to nap (or she naps in the car).

Happy Easter to all, I hope the bunny is good to you!

Making cookies - shortcut style

Keira's birthday party - music and art party!

Annabelle and the birthday girl

Annabelle and Ella

Passed out after the party holding her balloon

Loves doing workbooks, getting so smart

Walk on April 2 - 72 degrees

RIP Apollo 9/9/99 - 3/23/15

Annabelle and Apollo

Saying goodbye is hard!

All ready for the Easter egg hunt

Hunting for eggs

Annabelle and Keira at the egg hunt

Coloring Easter eggs

so proud of them!

showing Clyde her baskets

Still have a little snow, 72 degrees :)

silly girl <3

fun with beads, such a little ham!

Playing on her desk next to mine

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