Sunday, December 13, 2015

Annabelle's 5th Birthday Party

Yesterday we had Annabelle's 5th Birthday party at the dance studio she attends, Dancing with Denise.  It was a Frozen dance party and all the kids had a really fun time.  There are a ton of pictures but I wanted to share with all the friends and family who couldn't be with us to celebrate.

After her party we had another birthday to celebrate, our friends Avery & Mackenzie turned 4 on the 10th.  Annabelle was a rock star and partied until 9:30.  Needless to say she's sleeping in today, almost 8am and she's still fast asleep.  Glad she is catching up and gave me the time to put this together.

Thank you to all of our friends and Miss Denise who made this day so very special for my girl.  Annabelle didn't stop smiling all day long and the turnout of her friends is a true testament of how much she is loved.  We love you all so much!

All decorated and ready to party

Gia being Princess Anna

Scarlett and Amy

Adam grabbing balloons

Kaitlyn and Natalie

Annabelle as Princess Anna

Silly daddy as Princess Anna

lots of dancing fun!

Jason taking everything in

Elsa and Anna (dairy free) cakes, Annabelle tried to
help decorate but I told her next time. 

Miss Denise trying to get Avery to come dance

Drums, so much fun

All hands in

Singing happy birthday to her

That smile <3 

Ella and Annabelle

Chole and Annabelle

Jessica, Morgan, Jason and Annabelle

Julia, Katie, and Annabelle

Natalie and Annabelle

Lucas and Annabelle hugging

Avery, Mackenzie, and Annabelle

Amy and Annabelle

Grace and Annabelle

Scarlett and Annabelle

Adam and Annabelle

Keira and Annabelle

Gia's present for Annabelle, she was being shy <3

Ella and Annabelle

Annabelle as Elsa

Refueling before the next birthday party, girl's gotta eat.

Being so silly

I'm so lucky to have such an amazing friend, Michele who even though her daughter was having a rough day still took time to take a ton of pics during Annabelle's party.  You are a rock star Michele, love you!

Keira even got to dance in her Upsee!  She had so much fun.

Mr Adam taking his bow

Trying to get 24 kids to look at the camera and smile

Add caption

I think this is my favorite

Annabelle used her proslate to say "thank you"
then she switched over to signing it.

Denise wasn't sure what the bilibo chair was

Love that smile and this little guy <3

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