Thursday, December 3, 2015

Giving thanks!

We are now a month post-op from the g-tube surgery and Annabelle has gone from 24.6 pounds to 29.7 pounds!  She is doing so well with the tube, even tells me when she's hungry to put it in her tummy.  She also has a lot more energy as she's getting 1200 calories / day.  I'm not sure what she was getting before but it didn't come close to that.

For Thanksgiving we went to visit Grandma Linda and Papa in Erie.  We had a wonderful weekend and celebrated Annabelle's 5th birthday and Christmas with them as well.  As always it went very fast but we were grateful for nice weather to travel.

We are getting ready for Annabelle's big birthday.  She is having a birthday party on the 12th and so far 21 friends have said they are coming (out of 24 invited).  So that will be lots of fun!  We decided to have it at the studio where Annabelle takes dance, Dancing with Denise.  It will be a Frozen dance party.  I'm sure I will have a million pictures to share after.

Donating toys to the Pirate Toy Fund, we ended up on the news again
Rebecca Leclair and Garry the Happy Pirate

Playing sort and snap while eating

Annabelle got a prayer bear in the mail, she loved it

Sewed my first button buddy - of course Penn State

She brought me the pole into the office when she was hungry

Dressing up like a kitty at Grandma's house

Annabelle and Papa

Such a silly girl

hanging out with daddy

3rd year in the turkey dress, little short this year

Showing (teaching) Grandma Linda stuff on the iPad

Coloring with Grandma

Opening her birthday present from Aunt Tina, Uncle Curt, Curtis & Sydney

New dance / gymnastic leotard

Smiles while singing happy birthday to her

tasting the cupcake

The Festival of Trees in Erie, this was the 2nd place tree

The disney tree won first place <3 

Grandma and Annabelle

Happy family

She was peeking in on the reindeer

mailing a letter to Santa

Home again, morning fun in her box

Annabelle was decorating and decided Clyde needed a hat

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