Friday, July 1, 2016

First week of summer break

We have had a very busy first week of Summer!  We only get 2 weeks before summer program starts so we pack a lot into a short time.

Monday we did our grocery shopping and for the first time Annabelle walked the store rather than being in the cart.  She was so proud and, as always, made me laugh the entire trip.  After shopping we went to the Strong museum with friends.  It was close to 90 outside and so humid so a nice indoor afternoon was perfect.

Tuesday night we went to tour the El Galeón, a replica of a wooden Spanish cargo ship.  It was amazing & Annabelle loved it! After we stopped for dinner on the water.

Brian won tickets to a Red Wings baseball game so Wednesday afternoon we spent at the ball field.  We had so much fun and Annabelle really loved it!  She made friends with all the guys behind us and one even gave her the t-shirt he caught from the shirt cannon.

Yesterday we went to Seabreeze for the first time this year with some friends.  It was so fun and now that Annabelle is over 38" she could ride a bunch of new (to her) rides!  We went on the log ride, bobsled, the spring, balloon race - and loved them all!!

Stopping to smell the roses

cupcakes and graham crackers

Wegmans "shopping" at Strong museum

Playing vet at Strong

my friend Lisa and I - we all have fun at the museum ;-)

I think it's time for a bigger swing!

Great seats for Annabelle's first game!

At the baseball game - family selfie

after the ariel act

so sweet!

Waiting in line for the log ride!

Annabelle and Natalie ready to go swim

ready for the roller coaster!

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